8 Reasons to List Your Home Before Spring

Conventional wisdom says the best time to sell your home is during the spring but you might be missing out on a lot of potential buyers if you wait until the flowers start blooming. Here are six reasons from Examiner.com on why you should list your home before spring.

1. There is less competition for buyers. Many sellers mistakenly believe listing in the spring is better, so buyers in the winter months have fewer homes to choose from.

2. Your home looks its best during the holidays. Seasonal decorations, cozy fireplaces, and the smell of pumpkin pie make our homes look warm and inviting. Buyers make emotional decisions when choosing a house and these seasonal touches are very effective.

3. You may receive more money for your home. With less competition, homes sold during the holidays tend to sell for more, in less time.

4. Buyers have more time to look at homes. School is out, many businesses close for extra days around Christmas and New Years, and out of town visitors abound. Buyers have additional time off to look at houses.

5. January is traditionally the biggest moving month. Primarily because of school calendars, many people will move during the single month of January, as opposed to over the four months of summer.

6. You can sell now and delay the closing, or even extend occupancy into next year when moving is more convenient. Buyers taking advantage of holiday time off to search for a home, may not need to move until spring, giving you plenty of time to find your new home and plan a convenient move.

7. When you sell your home during the winter, you are in a position to buy in the spring when there are more homes on the market. If you can wait until spring to search for your new home you will have many more homes to choose from and the advantage of negotiating without a contingency on the sell of your home first.

8. Corporate transferees can’t wait until spring to buy a home. Corporations like to move their employees at the first of the year, therefore, giving transferees a deadline to negotiate a home purchase in their new city. When interviewing realtors to list your home, be sure to ask if they have connections to corporate relocation companies.

For even more information on listing your home before spring, go here.

Justin Levitch